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of a widely admired military hero who played a key role in the iraq war, led the u.s. central command and commanded u.s. and nato troops in afghanistan. sources say there is no indication that general petraeus broke any cia rules in connection with his admitted affair. michael morell who has been deputy director has been named acting director of the cia. >>> tonight more questions are being raised about petraeus' resignation. ronald kessler, chief washington correspondent joins us. thanks so much for being here. >> of course. >> you write about the intelligence community. you know this community well. we now know the fbi had been investigating petraeus since spring. what else are your sources saying? >> i actually broke this story that the fbi investigation led to his resignation on news max and i wrote the book the secret of the fbi which, of course, gave me a lot of access to the fbi. what happened is that last spring the fbi was scanning e- mails and came across one of his e-mails in his military account referring to something under the desk and they interpreted that as corruption
-ordered institutional confinement in the custody of u.s. marshals. about an hour earlier brown left the federal courthouse in washington declining to speak to reporters. >> hey, kwame, do you have anything to say, sir? >> reporter: brown pled guilty in june to falsifying loan documents for his home and a boat and to campaign finance violations, writing checks for cash over the legal limit. >> i want to apologize from the bottom of my heart to all those say that let down. >> reporter: brown addressing the -- that i have let down. >> reporter: brown addressing the media after making his plea back in june. >> i am guilty of knowing that poll workers and others received more than $50 in cash payments for doing campaign work which is and has been done in this city for years. >> reporter: brown was the second elected official in the district to resign from office this year. then ward 5 council member harry thomas pled guilty to embezzling more than $300,000 in city grant moneys for children and the arts. he is serving a three year prison sentence. anything to say to the people of washington? how
before congress about the deadly 9/11 raid on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, but republican senator lindsey graham says the truth will never come out if petraeus keeps quiet forever. >> we have a national security failure along in the making. i don't see how in the world you can fine out what happened in benghazi -- find out what happened many benghazi before, during and after the attack if general petraeus doesn't testify. >> reporter: a whistleblower got ahold of republican congressman dave reich neither october to alert him to a national security concern -- reichert in october to alert him to a national security concern tied to this affair. eric cantor's chief of staff alerted the fbi october 31st, but the white house says president obama first learned of at fair november 8th which means two republican congressmen knew about the fbi investigation focusing on the cia director well before the president did. in washington peter doocy, fox news. >> jill kelly has no official status as a liaison. she's known as an honorary ambassador. >>> let's get some more insight with our fox 5 po
. >>> this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >>> the holidays less than seven weeks away. that means the u.s. postal service is kicking it into gear. postal officials gathered in northwest today to kick off the holiday mailing and shipping season. >> this year the postal service will process about 560 million pieces of mail every day. during the holidays that adds up to 18 billion cards, letters and packages. we're going to -- and we will be delivering every single one because our 300 million customers expect nothing less. >> the postmaster expects december 17th will be the busiest mailing day of the year. he says the last day you can use express mail will be december 22nd. >>> we are kicking off a brand- new segment tonight profiling businesses or services we believe could be the next great thing. fox 5 consumer reporter laura evans joins us now with three businesses on the move. >> when you look at the business, you think why didn't i think of that. tonight we are profiling companies built on blow dries, ties and finding just the event activity for you. it's all about looking good, feeling good and having
. . >>> three u.s. senators are calling for congressional investigation into the consulate attack in libya. they want to know whether the white house and the state department handled it properly. >> that is after a class by cable showed the state department knew about the security concerns before the attack happened. molly hennenberg has more. >> reporter: this classified cable was sent august 16th to the state department. that was less than one month before the september 11th attack in libya, and it describes how u.s. personnel on the ground were making contingency plans. the cable reads in part, quote, this daily pattern of violence would be the new normal for the foseable future. it went on to say, quote, personnel could co-locate to the annex, talking about the cia annex. if the security environment downgraded suddenly. it also revealed that they were concerned about the trustworthiness of the libyan militia. the 17 february brigade, which is protecting the consulate. noting that, quote, certain sectors of the 17 february brigade were hesitant to share information with the americans. o
hearings. those hearings in regards to the september 11th attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. when the presidential election over and more information beginning to trickle out, lawmakers are looking for more information about the attack. >> reporter: more information begins to trickle out regarding the september 11th attacks on the u.s. consulate in libya the state department says that lawmakers want to see the paper trail. >> we had requests for documents from a number of committees and from a number of staff and members. we have now made documents available. >> many on capitol hill want to know what happened, during and after the attack which killed four americans, including ambassador chris stevens. >> the aftermath of it, just the misleading statements were made, i think everyone wants to understand, what was happening? was there a failure? >> reporter: republicans say that the white house failed to provide adequate diplomatic protection overseas democrats defend the president. and meantime, cia director david petraeus handed in his resignation a week before the benghazi
was traditionally a solid red state. both u.s. senators from virginia will again be democrats. >> if anybody had the sense after 2008 that virginia going blue was a fluke, last night demonstrated that it's the. we are a true battleground -- it's not. we are a true battleground state. >> kaine says virginia should now be considered a purple state where republican george allen lost in what was predicted and turned out to be a close and costly race, $82 million spent resulting in allen's second statewide defeat in six years. >> after a very hard fought contest we were reminded how closely divided we are in virginia politically. >> virginia's republican governor says he's disappointed george allen and mitt romney lost the virginia vote tuesday, but bob mcdonnell points out republicans won eight of 11 seats in the u.s. house of representatives. >> just like within a party or within a state you're going to have very divergent opinions. so what i would say is that the elections in virginia like most state are controlled by about 30% of the people who are independent. they don't vote party. they vote pe
including u.s. ambassador chris stevens were killed republicans say it's still not clear why more security wasn't in place. >> there weren't three even. there's supposed to be five. the unwritten rule there were three, but there was only one there, only one, the security was lax. >> wednesday president obama sounded off on senate republicans over their criticism over the administration's handling of the attack. specifically accusations u.n. ambassador susan rice lied to the public when she went on five sunday talk shows five days after the raid in benghazi and blame an inflammatory youtube movie trailer for inciting an angry mob. >> if senator mccain and senator graham and others want to go after somebody, they should go after me. >> senator mccain fired back hours later. >> four americans died. is that picking on anybody when you want to place responsibility and find out what happened? >> president obama says they provided every bit of information they have. >> the president himself has intentionally misinformed, read that lied, to the american people in the aftermath of this tragedy. >>
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was sent from the u.s. naval undersecretary to commanders in the field giving them discretion to use the d
might change the control of the u.s. senate from democratic to republican control is in the balance, perhaps how virginia goes, the senate goes. >> i think we all well know this is going to be a long night out there. >> it's interesting to see how the governor says the race is coming down, the way he thought it was going to come down. so his prediction of course is that the independents are going to break towards governor romney. but according to governor bob mcdonele, the race coming down the way the republican party expected. >> we'll see how those votes start to trickle in. let's get to fox 5 with the richmond campaign. >> reporter: i have tomorrow breaking news for you, the leader board that you quoted four minutes ago, has just changed. the lead that you reported was a slight lead by george allen. now it is a very slight lead by the democrat, tim kaine in the senatorial race. >> we have been waiting for northern virginia to get counted. i was always confident, once northern virginia was reported, we would be in good shape. we're up over 75% reported, northern virginia is coming
. >>> a potomac man imprisoned in cuba three years is suing the u.s. government and his former employer. alan gross is serving a 15 year sentence for spying. he was arrested on his fifth tribble to cuba working to provide internet -- fifth trip to cuba working to provide internet service to the jewish community. he says the government did not adequately train him or disclose the risks he was undertaking by doing that work. >>> a live look outside now, chilly night to wrap up the workweek. what's in store for the weekend? fox 5's gary mcgrady in the weather center. >> more of the same, cool temperatures and good amounts of sunshine tomorrow. we'll get to that in a second. talking about chilly temperatures, it was 55 for a high today for national, down to 45 now, gaithersburg already down in the upper 30s, winchester 36, culpeper. frederick and manassas have temperatures down below freezing. that's what happens with clear skies and lights winds. that's exactly where we're going to be overnight tonight. we're talking anywhere from the upper 20s to the lower 30s for the suburbs. if you're outside
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12